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Are you a truck owner in Lepanto looking to tow something bigger and have more space for your cargo? Buying a gooseneck trailer is the perfect way to add extra utility to your vehicle. Its heavy-duty, durable construction makes it an ideal choice for anyone who wants their hauling job done right. 

At NEA Trailers, we offer a wide selection of high-quality gooseneck trailers for sale in Lepanto, AR. You can rest assured that your new gooseneck trailer will be built to last. Whether you need something to haul commercial cargo or recreational equipment, we have the perfect trailer to meet your needs. Contact us today to explore our model options.

3 Reasons to Choose Gooseneck Trailers

There are many reasons to choose gooseneck trailers. They are very strong and can hold a lot of weight. They are also good for towing things bigger than what you can tow with a regular trailer. However, there are three main qualities that make these trailers worth the investment. 

1. Stability

An important characteristic of this type of trailer is that its tongue weight is over the truck’s rear axle instead of at the back of the frame. Because of this trait, it’s very unlikely for these trailers to sway. Truck owners can transport larger and heavier cargo in these trailers thanks to their increased stability. 

2. Easy Maneuvering

Thanks to their design, gooseneck trailers allow you to cut corners, making it easier to drive into tighter spaces. However, we still recommend driving with the utmost care since a bad maneuver can potentially harm other drivers. 

3. Better Weight Distribution

Since the gooseneck trailers provide more stability, truck owners can load bigger and more varied cargo. A gooseneck trailer can handle up to 25% weight transfer when loaded properly, in contrast with standard trailers that only allow up to 15%.

Trust The Experts at Nea Trailers in Lepanto, AR 

Were you looking for gooseneck trailers for sale in Lepanto, AR? Make a stop at NEA Trailers! We offer a wide selection of high-quality models of trailers, built with lasting materials and designed to handle all kinds of cargo. With our team of experienced professionals, you can trust that your new gooseneck trailer will be installed and maintained properly to ensure your cargo is safe and secure.
So if you’re ready to up your utility and haul all your cargo easily, check out our selection of gooseneck trailers today. We look forward to helping you find the perfect trailer for your needs!​ ​ Click here to take a look at our models, or call us today to help us pick the right trailer for you.