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8 Questions To Ask When Buying A Trailer

Purchasing a trailer for the first time can be daunting. With so many trailers for sale in Jonesboro, AR, and features to consider, it takes time to know where to start. You want to choose the right trailer for your needs, and asking the right questions upfront makes the buying process much smoother. 

This guide will address the fundamental questions every first-time trailer buyer should ask. Knowing the answers will set you on the path to finding your perfect trailer match. Keep reading to learn more!

Key Questions To Consider Before Purchasing A Trailer

There are several key questions you should ask yourself and the dealer when purchasing your trailer. These include:

  1. What’s Your Budget?

The first thing to establish is your budget. Trailers range widely in price based on size, purpose, materials, and features. Small utility trailers can cost less, while large enclosed trailers can run more. Determine what you can afford before looking at options to narrow your search.

  1. How Will You Use The Trailer?

Carefully consider how you plan to use the trailer. Will you haul lawn equipment, ATVs, horses, cargo, or a boat? The intended use will dictate what style and size of the trailer you need. For example, hauling horses requires a livestock trailer, while boats need marine trailers. Match the trailer to your hauling needs and ensure it accommodates your load.

  1. What Size Trailer Do You Need?

Trailer sizes vary from 4 feet up to 53 feet or more. Consider what you need to fit inside and how much cargo space is required. A good rule of thumb is to size up if you’re between two length options. You can constantly haul small loads in a big trailer, but you can only fit large cargo in a big trailer. So, consider potential future needs and choose a size with room to spare.

  1. What Material Is Best?

Trailers can be made of aluminum, steel, or wood, each with pros and cons. Aluminum is lightweight and rust-resistant but more expensive. Steel is affordable but susceptible to rust without proper care. Wood is the cheapest but requires more maintenance and is prone to rotting.

  1. How Much Weight Capacity?

Choose a trailer with enough weight or load capacity to handle what you need to haul safely. Weight capacity ranges from less than 1,000 lbs for small utility trailers to 20,000 lbs or more for big equipment trailers. Consider your payload weights and buy a trailer that can accommodate them comfortably.

  1. What Type Of Tow Vehicle Will You Use?

Factor in the vehicle you plan to tow with, too. The trailer’s weight and size must stay within the towing capacity of your tow vehicle. Exceeding your vehicle’s max tow rating can cause dangerous driving situations or damage your trailer braking systems permanently. 

  1. Do You Need A New Or Used Model?

Both new and used trailers have pros and cons. New trailers offer the latest designs and tech but cost more. Used trailers are more affordable but may have wear and tear. Assess your budget, how soon you need it, and repair skills to decide between new or used.  

Remember to check the trailer braking system; it’s a critical safety component that will keep you, your cargo, and others on the road safe.

  1. Do You Have To Register A Trailer?

In most cases, trailers do need to be registered with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The requirements and fees vary by state, so it’s essential to research this before purchasing a trailer. Some areas may also require regular inspections or license plates for trailers. Consider these additional costs when budgeting for your trailer purchase.

Choose NEA Trailers: Your Ultimate Trailer Solution

Buying your first trailer is exciting but requires planning. Use this handy list of critical questions to guide your search and find the perfect trailer for your needs and budget. Once your key questions are answered, it’s time to shop for the perfect trailer. 

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